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Sea Turtle Rescue Center

Here is a little bit about our sea turtles that we have here.

All of our sea turtles here at SeaLife Kansas City are Green Sea Turtles. All of them are deemed non-releasable.


  • Came to KC in February of 2013
  • She was recused off the coast of Florida by Clearwater Aquarium
  • She was caught up in marine debris, fishing line
  • Her front right flipper had to be amputated due to the amount of damage
  • She lives in ocean exhibit with the sharks
  • Weighs 35.10kg = 77.4lbs as of August 2021


  • Came to KC in February of 2019
  • He was Rescued off the coast of Florida
  • He has a dip in his shell, no evidence that he was caught up in anything.
  • He lives in Turtle Rescue Center (TRC)
  • He loves to eat cucumbers
  • Weighs 15kg = 33.1lbs as of August 2021